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The types of file transfers that we want to cover include:

Plate delivery
Raw plates that are either scanned or are the original digital material.
Shot Reviews
Review elements between vendors and the production hub, which can be either movie files, or image sequences. This can include the final shot.
Element delivery
When multiple elements need to be transferred between facilities, e.g. for stereo reconstruction.
Build Reference material
Reference material for the environment, characters and props. Here we assume there is some mapping to known entities.
Stage Reference material
Reference material from the stage. This will typically have reference to scene/take or set.
Model files
Animated geometry files

See also: File Naming Patterns


Naming Conventions
Where we define strict naming conventions, which different facilities adopt.
Schema File
Where a file-transfer contains a description of the naming convention (AKA the schema file) that can be remapped to other facilities.


File:BOF-v2.pdf - The Presentation made to the SIGGRAPH 2011 BOF on Global Pipelines v2.

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