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Every large film production is now setting up a data hub to manage the data (and work) that is sent out to external vendors. These are usually setup from scratch, and often create custom databases for each show to track the work and on-set data (such as camera reports) that need to be passed down to vendors.

The problem is that every show is setup differently, so vendors do not have an easy way to share data, so are often faced with hand-entering copying it down from a PDF document that a production has sent them.

The goal of this project is to reduce these hidden costs, by defining standards for how data is shared, to make it as easy as possible for new productions to get themselves setup without needing to re-invent everything, and to make it as easy as possible to ingest this information into established systems.


We believe there is a lot of scope for improvement here, but we do not want to create such a restrictive standard that nobody uses it. Shows do often have good reasons for their own standards in some areas, the best example being shot-naming. So for each area we need to:

  • Give suggestions (e.g. don't have spaces in shot-names), but assume that in some of these areas different shows may have their own needs.
  • Give a couple of recommended options, so that small shows can pick things up as well as large shows.
  • And define some strong standards, e.g. on the file-format structure, where we have to pick a standard, recognizing that it needs to be extensible.

The two most important goals are:

  • It needs to be easy to pick up.
  • It needs to be widely adopted (and we cannot end up with everybody with their own standard).

So if a topic becomes controversial, we may leave it out, or give suggestions, and similarly if something becomes to complex we may leave it and focus on the less controversial topics for the short term.


Areas that we would like to focus on are:

  • Camera Reports
  • Lineups
  • On Set Media Files
  • Plate Transfer
  • Media Review
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